Sharing My Mess, Becomes A Message


Sharing My Mess, Becomes A Message

I pray that you are doing well and full of energy as we end our summer and head back to our normal routines. I am so excited to begin my monthly newsletter so I can stay connected with all of you who have purchased a book and supported me along this awesome journey!

Since “Sharing My Mess” debuted in June, almost 200 copies have been sold! I have been busy traveling around promoting the book. Every time I meet a woman who says, “I just can’t seem to pray” or “I don’t know if I am praying so God can hear me, or I wonder if God is listening to me!” I have been there– in fact– I still have days when I think God isn’t listening. I stand in awe of how God has used my mess, to help not just myself, but others. Each time I join hands with a new sister friend and pray with her, I am reminded of God’s awesome power. I am reminded of how a simple act of obedience is truly helping others get to know that Jesus is real and that we are not alone! Remember, you are not alone!

I also used my book as a fundraiser to help a local non-profit, It Takes Two Inc., provide scholarships to students in single parent households. It just seemed to be an appropriate way to pay homage to my mother who raised me as a single parent. We started the fundraiser on what would have been my mother, Patricia’s 69th birthday. We raised $250.00 to help Jaemellah Kemp’s foundation. What a blessing that was!

In between the book news and writing my second book, I am still trying to balance work life, mother duties, marriage, and ministry at my local church. I can’t tell you it has been easy, in fact some days I want to quit. Thankfully, it’s never all at the same time. During a recent and difficult time in my marriage, I have been reminded about James’ teaching with being quick to listen! In fact, I have made a commitment for the month of September to study James 1:19 for the entire month. What I have learned in 8 days, is not necessarily listening to others, but first listening to God. I realized that in all my busyness, I haven’t taken out enough time to listen to Him and wait for His direction. My most important relationship is with Christ, and everything else, including my marriage, my children and my ministry will all appropriately balance. I cannot wait to share what else I learn from this “MESS”!!!

In the meantime, I have a few exciting projects coming soon. I am overjoyed to be a part of this book collaboration by Stacy Y. Whyte titled “Igniting YOUR Faith Factor.” If you have ever felt you lost your faith and don’t know how to get it back, or you felt hopeless, tired, or all the above, this is the book for you! 8 women share their tips on how to #Ignite Your Faith Factor! My chapter is on submission and how God’s Grace helped me with the loss of my daughter. The book comes out in November, but you can reserve a copy now while it on sale for $12. Other exciting #FAITHFACTOR events are being planned so stay tuned and stay connected!

Finally, I am working on my second book that is due out in early 2016, and I will launch an on line bible study to go with the book and together we can go deeper into the attributes of Christ during the Lenten season.

Thank you for being a part of my circle of friends. I will pray for you as you pray for me!

Peace & Joy in Christ,


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