Fall is Here

Hey Friend,

Fall is here! It seems like 2015 just started and now here we are in the month of October. Last month I shared how I was convicted into studying the scripture James 1:19. Only God knew how important this would be by month’s end. One of my takeaways from last month’s lesson was not just to be quick to listen to others, but first and foremost to God. We can’t pray to God to fix our hearts, fix our situation, and transform our lives and not listen to what He says after our prayers are spoken. Sometimes God wants us to be still and wait for His direction. I have to be honest; being still is not my strong suit. I want to fix everyone and everything, but it is NOT my job.

It seems like when one area of my life is going well, another area goes haywire. I am grateful for every opportunity I get to share my book, my mess, and the goodness of Jesus. But my family is broken. I wasn’t going to share that with you all, but then I wouldn’t be able to share about God’s awesome power. I wouldn’t be able to share how our lives are being transformed during this painful journey. Sometimes we have to go through a few things, to experience God for ourselves. It’s not enough that I believe, but when my entire household believes because each of them have been through some thing, that is the true victory. That is scripture manifesting right before our eyes— you know the one, in Romans…”All things work together for good. ” It is easy to praise and worship Him when everything is going perfect. But, I am sure someone reading this needs to hear, “you are not alone; your situation can be changed; God sees and hears your cries” Trust in Him and never ever stop praying. I have to tell myself this very day because I want to make everything right immediately.

Leaning in to embrace this scripture brought to light many things that I thought I had got rid of. In my quest for doing good works and wanting everyone in my house to have a relationship with Christ, I forgot how to love unconditionally. We tend to love in a very selfish manner. It’s based on a cause and effect process but in reality it should just be because we love, and because God loves. Spending time just listening to God, I found my own faults that need to be corrected.

Sharing Moment: I pray that you find some time to just reflect and commune with God. Be still, and know that He loves you and He wants the best for your life. Pray, and then listen for His direction. There is peace in surrendering completely to God.

Thank you for being a part of my circle of friends. I will pray for you as you pray for me!

Peace & Joy in Christ,

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